The stamp of my work is reflected it in the way I tell love stories; I create them with pictures that are told with details, emotions and in a natural way, that will allow you to relive that special moment every time you see them, and not only that! To feel it as if you were there, on that magical day that you will never forget.

My Work

I consider this light a unique gift of nature, and I love the way it gives life and exalts every moment, in every image. This means that you will not see me with great equipment or flashes when I am doing my job. When using the natural light technique, it is vital that you take into consideration the characteristics of the place of your wedding, to provide as much light as possible. In the moments of the dance at dusk, if I consider that the lighting is poor, I will use a basic flash to accompany the process and achieve a better result


I have tree cameras and different lenses; tree fixed optics and a telephoto lens that I use only for the most critical moments of your wedding so that I don’t interrupt or disturb. I want to be assured with this equipment to could to work in case any of these will fail.


Like a good storyteller, I like to follow the process of the day and document everything that happens around! To document this, I will be present from the moments of the preparation of the bride and groom, the makeup, the wardrobe, the first time your parents see you when your best friend comes home and all the development of the day. In advance, I will help you prepare for all my experience to have the best itinerary to achieve a unique story with all the details of your wedding day


I am of the people that I consider your wedding, it is all moments and not a few, for that reason, I do not keep any photography, I narrate a complete story, and you can feel calm knowing that all my work will be in your hands. On average you will take home the following:

  • A minimum of 1500 color photographs and their respective to black and white in high resolution (Delivered in a custom USB).
  • To share your story with your family, you could have to access an online gallery with the entire work.
  • The print release of the total work.
  • A slideshow musicalized with the most important photographs of your story.
  • A warm, elegant and straightforward album that I assure you immortalizes every moment, and you will be happy to show it with pride.

For greater clarity and security of both parties, we will make a contract with all the necessary specifications that we must take into account in this type of situations. This contract will give us a great tranquility to both parties according to what each one expects to receive.



I make a photo session called the pre-wedding, which will give us the opportunity to achieve different things; talk and get closer, make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, know my way of working, and achieve a magical and spontaneous connection on the day of the wedding.

The couple portraits are a lovely time to enjoy being close to each other. I can assure you that we are going to laugh a ton, be goofy together, and have a blast! I don't expect you to know what to do in front of the camera. It's my job to draw out your personalities, your natural smiles, and to make you feel completely comfortable.

The photos resulting from this day will be all yours, they will remain as the most beautiful memories of your last session as bride and groom, and will be delivered before the wedding.

I love creating unique stories for each couple, taking special care in all the details, from the choice of the location, the clothes and the time of the session, it will ensure that we have a real work of art to enjoy every time we see it.


The location will be chosen to relate to something significant to the couple or simply that they like, keep in mind that the place needs to provide us with interesting aspects to play with the photography or with the concept.

Do not worry if you do not have something chosen, we can talk it and together we can find it!


I simply look for your photos to be lasting in time and that the protagonist is their love, so it is important to take into account in choosing the right clothing. Colors and soft prints, as well as very comfortable clothes, will set a completely free atmosphere to share a pleasant evening.


To achieve a result like the work you see on my site, I do the photographs in the afternoon with the sunset. This is what we call the golden hour; its light is the most adequate to be able to achieve romantic and magical results like the ones I wish to create.


As I said before, I am a storyteller, so my goal is to give you all the photographs made during our photo shoot. You will have a minimum of 150 color photographs and their respect to black and white in high resolution, and this will be delivered online, the print release of the total work.

"Work will be delivered weeks before the wedding day."

Welcome to my World